SAÅAD - Delayed Summer

Delayed Summer cassette, jam EP de SAÅAD, sortie Dec'2011 sur BLWBCK Rec.

Tape limitée à 44 copies C30 [26:44] boitier bleu + livret 16 pages

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ref : BLWBCK011

édition limitée et numérotée à 44 exemplaires






“Life seems to happen always at present time. We move on across the years challenged by the next day, living by the hour. Sometimes, we go back to places in our memory that resemble past remembrances, important moments or just the illusion of important moments, spotlight in our mind. Youth is one of such spotlights, it is a milestone on our development as individuals, accumulating experiences, failures and successes.Looking back at these memories we add phantasy to such moments. Sometimes because they are blurred in our memory and we don’t know exactly how they occurred. Other times we don’t need them to be truthful but more like a mirror to our needs. Delayed Summer is like one of these novels written on the subject of youth past memories.Coming back to the house where he grew up Romain Barbot felt the urgency of recreating is memories, smells, images, souvenirs of a long gone period. Delayed Summer is born from this impulse, and much like an urge it was automatically pursued in the shape of jam sessions with a couple of friends and minimal resources. Delayed Summer is trespassed with an energy filtered by years that passed by. Among the instruments, the guitar can be heard more loudly, reflecting the electricity that is youth. Using a couple of webcam microphones to capture this instants a lo-fi characteristic is achieved, that suggests the blurring of memories that exist in Romain Barbot’s mind.”
- Leonardo Rosado




1 - Pole (jam XIV)

2 - Missing Parts (jam VI)

3 - I Can Feel You (jam III)

4 - You Showed Me The Way (jam V)

5 - Utopie (jam XI)

6 - Back Pain / Pain Back (reprise)


music by Romain Barbot, Greg Buffier, Tony Llados & Jean-Henry Lapart. except ‘Back Pain / Pain Back (reprise)’ recorded in november 2011 by Romain Barbot.mastered by Gregory Hoepffner in nov 2011.artwork

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