SELENITES - Animaltar - 2x12"

Second album de SELENITES. 2x12" avec face D sérigraphiée.

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This second album by the sweet frenchies of Selenites comes in a 2x12'' LP with three side of heavy and nasty music and one with a nice silk-printed picture. heavier, darker and brainier than their first record, Animaltar will probably cause irreversible damages to your stereo. Released by Ruin Your Fun, Moment Of Collapse and Maximum Douglas Records.


Selenitis is a five piece band from Toulouse in the south of France and deliver a brand of heavy captivating soundscapes. In 2010 they released their first album entitled "Jeder Für Sich Und Gott Gegen Alle" and provided a massiv impact. "Animaltar" is the second album and contains eight songs full of passionated downtuned Postmetal with hints of ambient passages and an own drive that flews through the entire record. The record is a rough gem that gets more and more shaped with every run. Absolute amazing walls of guitarlines crush into the basement of uncompromising beaten drums. After everything collapsed you have time to breath in for a short time before the range takes you for a new journey. A masterpiece that knows how to convince the listener and refrains mixing to many influences as well as a confusing stringing of different tempi. Everybody who is into music played by bands like NEUROSIS, AMEN RA, early KYLESA or YEAR OF NO LIGHT should take notice.





A1 - I Am The One

A2 - Tuée Par La Dernière

A3 - Du Lebst

B1 - A Landscape Called Hope...

B2 - And Mirage

B3 - Ich Hasse

C1 - Des Pluies de Griffes

C2 - Who Can Live Forever

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